Posted by Sarah Grace

This book is about a girl named Pollyanna. Pollyanna is an orphaned girl who goes to live with her strict aunt. Pollyanna loves carpets and pictures. When she gets to her aunt’s house, she finds a big surprise. Instead of finding carpets and pictures she finds a hot musty attic room (that is hers). All the other rooms were beautiful.

But Pollyanna and her ”Glad Game” find a way to be glad about everything. The ”Glad Game” all started when she wanted a doll from the missionary barrel (because her father was a pastor), but she got crutches instead of the doll she wanted. The good thing about that is, you can be glad that you are not the one that has to use those crutches. Pollyanna is able to transform the sick, the lonely, and the plain miserable with her  “Glad Game.” For instance the lonely Mr. Pendelton, the sick Mrs. Snow, I’m not sure I know one for the miserable but I’m sure there is one! Anyway I liked this book because Pollyanna is so friendly and she tries to make everyone else friendly.


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